Front end loader & mower recommendations or possibilities

njdpoMay 1, 2008

Hi all â¦

I recently wondered into my friendly john deere dealer for parts for my old Scotts (made by Deere).

I shouldnâÂÂt have done that⦠I started lusting for the smallest JD units which had a front end loader on them (they were physically larger than I need)... Carp - I only went in there for some tire tubes ...

I was wondering if anyone out there has done any kind of conversion to their small rider / tractor which basically converted their riding / tractor to a small scale front loader ?

I donâÂÂt need a machine which is as large as those nice JDâÂÂs / I donâÂÂt have room for a larger machine like that. I donâÂÂt have all that much property (3 acres)⦠I darn well cant swing it financially.

I was wondering of there are any older riders / tractors out there which lend themselves to these types of conversions - or if there are kits out there for this conversion. Were there models available which would easily accept this modification?

I have a Scotts 2046 rider (1998) and was wondering if there was any chance to convert it)⦠I suspect a sturdy frame is a high priority with this type of arrangement, and guess the Scotts 2046 is not ready to deal with this sort of adaptation �" but I am not sureâ¦

I am NOT looking to move mountains, but moving around a little clean fill, top soil and light stone would be really handyâ¦

I guess the perfect candidate would be some type of mid-size riding mower / garden tractor which can power mowing deck (38-42/46 inches)on Thursday, and be moving clean fill on Saturday morning without me killing myself to convert it over...

Does this perfect (small ~ midsize) combination exist? If so - finding one in need of basic repairs might be my preferred route...

Your consideration and advice is greatly appreciated.

PS - If you have any photos of something you created or assembled - Id really like to see them... I am hoping for ideas which I can buy/assemble as I dont have much in the way of fabrication equipment - and little welding skills.

If you built your own and you have any recommended do's (and definitely dont's) please pass them along as well. I don't really want to make it if I dont have to.

Thx - Dave

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Google Johnny Bucket. It is what you are looking for and will fit a broad range of machines.

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There are two that come to my mind:

Here is a link that might be useful: Kwik Way

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And the other:

Here is a link that might be useful: P.F. Engineering

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Forgot one:

Here is a link that might be useful: CAD Plans

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blacksmithman(Z6 NY)

If you check out the other sites listed you will see you can add a loader to almost any lawn or garden tractor.
I have made a loader for my 32 year old (Dayton) 990 MTD garden tractor. This tractor is a heavy duty tractor with a 3PH. I started out with a tilt bucket,I designed, on my 3PH over 25 years ago and then last year made a loader that I designed. When the tractor was new you could buy a loader for it but after 32 years MTD does not sell the loader any more so I designed and made my own. Here are some pictures of the tilt dump and then the loader. If you want any more information let me know. The last picture is when the tractor was new in 1976.

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