Troy bilt horse tines won't turn

betsyandkidsNovember 19, 2007

We acquired an old horse last year. It's been a great help even though it still needs tuned up. After I used it to pull our lawn tractor out of the ditch (I know, not its intended purpose) the tines quit turning. I don't have time to learn to tear it all apart and try to figure out what happened. Any suggestions for me? I've been scavenging leaves this weekend (85 bags so far) and need to be able to till them in. Thanks for all your help.

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You probably stripped the gears in the tranny. Do the wheels turn?

You better get a manual and take it apart for some diagnosis. There are no easy answers until you find the root cause.

Rumor has it that you can download the old factory manuals from MTD.

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dennyin(Central Indiana)

Check your tine engagement lever and make sure it is fully engaged.

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If it is not the pto model Horse, and the wheels pull,
then your tine gear is likely stripped. It is not too
hard to change just that, but expensive. But almost
always the bearings are worn badly, which caused the gears stripping. And once you get into it, one thing will lead to another, until you do a total rebuild.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

I'm interested in buying if want part with that tiller I live in northeast texas is wife email just let me know. thanks

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If your wheels turn, and the tines do not, its probably the insert in the shaft coupling that delivers power to the rear (tine)assembly. The shaft coupling is also called a 3-jaw coupling or an Oldham coupling, and consists of 2 halves and a 6-point star looking insert made of plastic or bronze. Take your rear assembly off (2 bolts) and check out the exposed coupling. If the insert is missing, that is your only trouble. I am also looking for this part p/n or source.
Good luck!

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I MADE A MISTAKE! There is no insert. It is probably the pinion gear (worm gear) on the tine shaft. It is probably stripped. p/n 1901976 for my 8 HP model. You can download a great manual at:
Good luck.

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As Fish stated,the bronze tine gear is probably shot,you can purchase a tine rebuild kit with instructions ,it's not a hard job but time consuming and getting the tine holders off of the tapered and keyed shaft can be a pain .....lack of lubrication,and time has probably caused this failure !

Good Luck Jim

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Hi all
Thanks for your thoughts. My husband was able to get the horse running properly last month...Yaay! A weld had failed that involved the dog clutch (dog gear??), thus the tines wouldn't turn. It's working great - we have 4 beds with over 5000 sq. ft. nearly ready to go

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Then you had the PTO Horse, glad you got it fixed.


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I have a horse model and it seems the dogs are worn short, has anyone else experienced this problem? The transmission dog turns with the engine and the tine dog turns with the tines but when bolted together the tines will not turn, help. Only thing I know to do is install new dogs, is there something else I could try?

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Slim I think answer may be in this post weld broke on dog take it back apart check see if weld broken.

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