New Stihl BG55 won't start

higgledy(7)November 26, 2011

I just came home with brand new Stihl BG55, but it won't start.

I bought it off the floor. The dealer had several new BG55's on the sales floor. When I bought it, he took it in the back to get it serviced. I never heard it running. But when the sales guy came back out, it had fuel in the tank and in ball. That made me think it was started and running.

I pumped it 5 times, and with the switch on 'I' and trigger squeezed, I pulled the rope about ten times. I did that about three times over fifteen minutes. It acts like it has a bad coil. IDK.

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I would take it back to the dealer and have him show you how to get it running.

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Oh, I plan to bring it back to the dealer. By the manual, I am doing everything correctly. I am really pissed.

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I hope someone on here can tell you how to adjust it to get it started because I want to learn how myself. I bought a Stihl FS 55 trimmer, if I want to use it on Sat., I need to start cranking it on Fri..

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Yeah, I'm going to try and get my money back.

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Did You Put the CHOKE on? I have never been able to start mine cold without the choke completely on even on hot summer day. I have to pump mine 10 times, switch on, trigger lock in full throttle and full choke. takes 3 to 5 pulls for it to start. usually dies before I can put the choke to 1/2 choke from air in the fuel system. I again push primer bulb three more times, full choke. This time I am quick enough to feather the choke till it takes off Full throttle, I click the trigger and hold it to atleast 1/2 throttle till it warms up. It has to warm up before you can completely take it off 1/2 choke. This depends on how warm or cold it it outside? takes 2 to 3 mins before I can completely turn the choke off.

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I brought it to the dealer, he got it started in 5 pulls. It was flooded. DOH! The manual says not to squeeze the throttle while starting, but the dealer locked the throttle. I will be locking the throttle in the future. I am glad it is running, but I hope this is not one of those hard to start engines. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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My Stihl BG55 is less than 6 months old and will not start over the last 3 weeks. I was told the engine flooded since it was spitting out gas on the pavement while trying to start it. So, I took the plug cover off the spark plug, turned it off, and then tried to start the blower until no gas continued to spit out the front. (I only pressed the primer bulb 5 times--as instructed). I took out the spark plug, and it was covered in fuel mixture with a dark color mixture. So, I cleaned off the spark plug. After a while, I felt relieved because it finally started (92 cranks). N

Now, it is 1 1/2 weeks later, and it won't start again. This time, the spark plug is clean, and I only pressed the primer twice. Since it didn't start after 25 repetitions, I pressed the primer bulb again. Now it is spitting gas out the front onto the pavement. (I'm very disappointed). I guess I will have to sell it and look for a cheaper brand that works.

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"if I want to use it on Sat., I need to start cranking it on Fri.."

Why I quit Stihl years ago. If you get a new one that will not start. There is no fixing it.

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Punching the primer bulb is probably not flooding the engine, leaving the choke on will. Try 2-3 pulls with the choke on, then choke off & pull to start. The "primer bulb" just purges air from the carburetor, it doesn't squirt gas into the engine.

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here is your fix i searched and searched and fixed my new blower bg 55. its video on trimmer and same fix just pull off the inside tube

Here is a link that might be useful: Stihl 2 stroke engine flooded

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If cilinder is flooded, just take the plug out and pull the rope about 5-10 times, all the fuel will be spit out...

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