Modify angle of brass popup nozzle...

bbass408May 12, 2012

I know this is a reach and I'm a new member, but it's worth a shot...

I have an old galvy system with lame pressure that needs to be replaced I know. In the meantime, I try and try.

On one edge of the lawn with a lightly curved border I have a head that's not watering well. For brass popups, 180 degrees is too much -- sends tons of water down the driveway. 120 is too little -- leaves unwatered spots. I've tried various nozzles on a 2" plastic popup (the biggest I can fit and still mow the lawn) with MP rotators -- toro rotating heads, and rain bird variable angle. Can't really get enough water out of either of those.

I want to take that 120 degree brass popup nozzle and make it something like 150 degree. Has anyone ever messed with with one of those -- perhaps using a small file -- to change the spray angle?

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I was thinking of the adjustable heads from RB and the spray arc can be set for whatever angle you want but your saying it doesn't deliver the amount of water you need. What is your water pressure and flow rate? I would say you already know the solution to your problem and replace the old galvy system with pvc and increase your flow rate and pressure immediately. Time to bight the bullet. Aloha

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I tried that head and I thought I mentioned it. I agree it's time to bite the bullet. After all this farting around with the old system, I know exactly how I'd design the new one. ;)

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