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williamivMay 8, 2010

Hello all,

Does anybody know what are the backflow requirements for Texas?

...Yes, I am will have a licensed installer, however after contacting three parties to get prices, etc...I get very different stories, thus I am concerned, and the city (Edinburg) has not been helpful when calling.

I would prefer to purchase my own backflow that I know exceeds code and simply pay for it to be connected. Or other ideas???

Thanks in advance

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You probable can go on line and view the City codes or the local water company codes. The water company will give you the best answer and usually are very user friendly or contact a local landscaper or irrigation supplier and ask them. JMHO Aloha

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Different water purveyors/jurisdictions have different standards. Most will approve a PVB 12" above the highest outlet, or a RPZ at least 12" above grade. Check with the water purveyor to clear things up.

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Thanks for the suggestions :D

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