Husqvarna 445 - Vibration problems

gpuckettNovember 8, 2010

Hello everyone, I am in the process of harvesting firewood. My old Poulan just couldn't get through some of the oak logs I was cutting up so I bought a new Husqvarna 445 with 18" bar. After carefully reviewing all the documentation I mixed up some new fuel, loaded the chain oil resevoir, checked the chain tension and then fired it up. It started on the 4th pull and ran great. I let it run for about 5 minutes to warm up and get the chain oil started. Then I turned it off and re-checked the tension. With that done I was ready for a test. I had a 15" wild cherry log that needed a couple extra cuts. So I hit it with the 445. Where my old Poulan would hit a really nice smooth track on hardwood the Husqvarna is jumping all over the place. At one point I was wondering if the chain had some bad links. At another point I was wondering if it is the LowVib configuration. I can't help but feel I am holding the saw with a set of springs, which I guess I am. In general it feels like it is grabbing at the wood rather than cutting. It may be that I'm just not using it properly but I had no problems with the Poulan. Could someone suggest what I need to do to fix this?

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Bring it back to the Dealer obviously there is something not quite right within the set up . If you made a big mistake and bought from a Box Store , again take it back and get your refund ! Never buy from Box Stores and expect proper set up from teenagers or high school drop outs .

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masiman(z7 VA)

I'd talk to dealer also.

My guess is that your chains rakers might be a little low. The depth of the rakers control how much wood is grabbed by each cutter. If you take too much wood you'll get that choppy feel as the teeth chatter across the wood. Too shallow and the you'll cut slow. A well sharpened chain will actually pull a little into the wood. It will also throw nice chips. If you are throwing sawdust, you need to sharpen your chain.

If you can't do the dealer route, then if the chain is new, then it is less likely to be the chain. If it is an old chain or just sharpened, try a new chain.

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Since it's a brand new saw I doubt there is a problem with the chain. At least not the type of issues you might have with an older chain.

The interesting thing is it looks to me like it was not setup by the "big box" store, but probably from the Husqvarna shipping center. Now, they could just as easily hire teenagers and high school dropouts, so the same issues could rule.

I guess I was hoping for a bit more of a technical discussion of what could be wrong. I plan to call Husqvarna directly and would prefer to have a bit of information from knowlegeable users before doing that.

I'd MUCH rather NOT go through returns and refunds if it's something that is easily fixed with an adjustment.

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gpu: Well you have a dilemma . Apparently you do not have the technical knowledge to identify the problem . If as Mas has indicated the chain is not the issue , which I suppose you have taken the time to verify buy utilizing a depth gauge on the chain ? The second potential origin of your complaint would be a loose bar (and/or) chain or lastly the anti-vib system , which as you have described involves sets of coil springs. Again I doubt you have the mechanical inclination to resolve your issues , thus my recommendation to return your unit to its point of origin. I see no valid reason to be reluctant to return the saw , you have stated it is Brand New ! The Manufacturer has nothing to do with the issue any Husky even the cheapo 235 will cut comparable to any Poulan on the Market . Where did you Purchase You Saw ?

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masiman(z7 VA)

I'd still visually check your chain. It is something you should learn to do in any case. You can usually tell if the cutters are sharp or have hit something. You'll need gauges for the sawchain to measure raker depth and cutter angle. You can do it without them but it is alot easier and more exact with the gauges. Again, this exercise will be useful in the long run even if not the cause now.

The anti-vibe on these things are pretty rock solid. I am not sure on this particular model what they use but it will either be springs as ewalk said or bumpers or even a combination. You can usually see the vibe connections. There will be connectors at either end of the wrap handle. The rear handle one may be tougher to see unless you dig into the saw some. If you can see any of the connections, just confirm that they are intact.

Checking that the barnuts are secure is pretty easy and shouldn't need any other explanation.

Maybe a chain not mounted in your sprocket correctly, maybe your clutch is acting funny. These last two just don't seem likely at all. Although I am still stuck on the chain or just plain how the saw feels. I just hope you/we get an answer as to what it is.

Not the most up and up thing to do, but you could stop by a power tool place and try out a similar saw to see how that feels. It may be that you are not use to how the new saw feels.

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Just a thought,could the chain be on backwards.


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Jerry : Anything is possible Bro :)

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I have to ask? got enough RPM's when cutting and is it oiling? I can tell from a distance if a person working as chain saw right. Too high rpms or not enough. I agree with above I would also inspect the chain teeth remove the bar inspect the bar and brake, no garrantee it sharp or on track under the clutch cover. I would think if the chain is on backwards if would not cut at all?

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I doubt your going to get any feed back from this individual Rc , did not apparently understand the dynamics's of the saw to begin with ? lol Would have been nice to at least acknowledge our collective efforts to assist , some people .

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