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kld05May 11, 2009


Is the following quote high? Is all this requires for an irrigation only well? I'm not sure why I'd need a pump or storage tank.


Obtain well permit using clients plot plan

Drill a 6" artesian rock well 200' deep with 50' of 6" casing and a hardened casing shoe

Collect and test water samples

Install a 3/4hp submersible pump system with a 22 gallon tank

Piping, pump cable, fittings, and valves

TOTAL $6300.00

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There are many variables that make up that price. One is difficult access for equipment. I would get two more quotes from well drillers. Then you will know what is the best price for your area. Prices are not similar across the country much less even within 10 miles of your house. Contractors will give you a good price only when they know they have competition. You only know you are getting a good price when you receive competitive bids. Also make sure they have insurance and name you specifically as an additional insured entity on a copy of their policy. Responsible contractors do this all the time it is not difficult for them. Good Luck and aloha.

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