Safety warning lamps

buzzard_flatsMay 24, 2010

Since I figure I will mowing along the roadside and hauling my trailer around to my other gate from time to time Iam thinking about installing a couple of safety flashers.

First thought was just get a wig-wag flasher and install a couple marker lights front and rear but I wanted brighter! The flasher moduals are $20-40 + lights (standard marker lights or LED lights)

Well a bit of searching brought me back to a website I had known for emergency equipment, they have very bright LED strobes that are small, surface mounted and can be set to various flash patterns to alternate, synch etc.

Only 'caveat emptor' I can offer is make sure you power these things through the battery system, the tractor I am getting has a second alternator winding without a diode so the headlamps run on AC NOT DC! Headlamps do not care it it's AC or DC but electronics will go poof in a second connected to the wrong one. Just adding a diode will not work either as you would still need to "filter" the DC from half wave to full wave current.

So only connect these things to your ignition switch + terminal when in the run position or have an auxilary switch to connect direct to the battery (with a fuse!)

So what is this mystery device? Basicly a Whelen® TIR3 LED strobe but marketed by Galls as their Item# GR309 @ $39/ea

Hope I am not breaking the rules here by posting that vague info. Anyone who may have to scoot across a road should have something to alert oncoming trafic and from my research seems either amber or white is most visable of colors. Matter of fact the white may the the choice since you can set them to solid on and then you have backup lights for late evening work.

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