Monster Maul still being made.

spinnervinNovember 10, 2006

I have looked long and hard to find the Monster Maul. Two companies make them in the 15 Lb. size. Here are the sites. Item is called Mega Maul 14.5 Lbs.;mode=category&categoryid=116&parentid=109&searchtext=

This comany includes S&H in the price. Most postings I have seen here, the cost of shipping a heavy item like this was costly.

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Log Blaster maul avalable at Northern Tool.
12 lbs

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Hey Dave that one by Northern Tool I have seen on a lot of postings here. The other two I have found I have not seen here and a lot of people liked the heavy Monster Maul made a while back. These seem to be the closest to it. Have you ever used of know anyone who has used this splitter.


Here is a link that might be useful: Wikco Super Spear Splitter

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I have had a Monster Maul (by Sotz) for about 15+ years, but have not used it lately after I installed gas logs. With very straight-grained wood, such as red oak, it really works quite well.
However, it's almost impossible to hang it up - it just rebounds. For wood with gnarly grain or where a branch or fork occurred in the tree, either saw-cut it or used multiple wedges or wood grenades. They DO get stuck, but will gradually pry apart the wood.
I found a knockoff of the MM one time for $5, so I have two mauls in that style.

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i just bought one at tractor supply i think it cost 39.00
it weighs about 16#s

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I have an original Sotz Monster Maul and newer knock-off copy. The copy has a shorter handle than the original MM and I don't like it as well. I believe the heads are the same weight.

Years ago Sotz offered a "Lady's" MM that was lighter. Wish I could find one of those....

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I've owned one of the real ones, an Original Monster Maul, since 1981. Nothing else can match it, period! (Well, 'cept maybe another Monster Maul.) Which brings up the point of belatedly chiming-in to the conversation here: Sotz made at least four models of the Monster, the key difference being weight. If you're looking for a substitute, now that Sotz is gone, be sure you compare Sotz's model descriptions with your find before you settle on a purchase. It can make a big difference on whether you're pleased with what you get or not. Here's the difs in their own words --

Professional Maul - handle mounted in sleeve with silicone rubber. Absorbs shock. (Includes cushion grip.) 17 lbs. 25 Year Guarantee. $28.95

Original Monster Maul - over 1,000,000 sold. Now with triple thick sleeve. 16 lbs. 10 Year Guarantee. $24.95

Lady's Maul - for smaller logs. 12 lbs. 10 Year Guarantee. $21.95

Economy Maul - made similar to imitations that come and go. Priced much less. 15 lbs. 5 Years Guarantee. $16.95

Those were 1986 prices, delivered to your door no less! (Outside the lower 48? Dunno, sorry.) Factory pickup in Columbia Station, OH was $23.95, $19.95, $17.95, and $12.95, respectively, just for reference's sake. Kinda hard finding warranties like those, too ... 'specially the Pro's. O-fer them good ol' days!

The company's ad that year described the maul in the photo with these features: high strength steel handle, high carbon steel head, hardened splitting edge.

Happy hunting ... or if you do get a good one, happy splitting!


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The one I used had a steel handle. It worked well, but I didnt like the shock it gave my wrists.

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I had an original Sotz Monster Maul back in 1981. I have split well over 100 logger's cord with it, and having nothing but praise for the tool. So here I am 30 yrs later and can not find my maul. Sotz is out of business? L&M Supply carries a similiar product, yet it just does not have that same old feel as the original. Oh well... Perhaps it's just the 30 year age span that has brought the different "feel". Sure wish I could find another one.

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