Husqvarna chainsaw tension adjustment

sla_deanoNovember 29, 2009

When I run my 3-year-old 353 pro model after adjusting the chain tension, it soon becomes very tight to the point of overheating. I readjust it, and then the chain quickly becomes so loose I can't cut with it. At first this happened periodically. Now it is so frequent that I had to stop using the chainsaw.

What may be causing this adjustment problem?

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canguy(British Columbia)

Remove the chain and have a look at the drive sprocket. It likely has a T shaped groove worn in it, time to replace. If it is the floating rim type, replace the rim.

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And make sure the oiler is working. Steve

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I'd take the bar off, clean out the grove and oil hole, and make sure the oiler isn't plugged. While you're at it inspect the sprocket for wear.
Is this a new chain? .325, .375, and .375 Lo Profile won't interchange.
When you put it back together you can test the oiler by putting a piece of cardboard on the ground and running the saw. You should see a spray of oil left on the cardboard.
Is this an Intenz bar or a conventional bar?

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