Seeking Old Toro 826 Purchase Advice

tanqueraygNovember 16, 2007

I am wondering if $250 for a decent condition Toro 826 is a good price. I do not know how old it is. It doesn't have electric start. Please advise me.

Also what should I do to test it before I buy it? I fix my old car all the time so I can take a careful look if I knwo what to check.

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canguy(British Columbia)

If the seller will let you, remove the air box and shoot a little gas, NOT ETHER, into the carb to see if it will fire. It will probably need a fuel line and carb o/h kit. Can you post the model and serial number?

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The seller says it runs fine. He confessed he doesn't know how well it blows snow since he is a repair guy who bought it, fixed it, and is now selling to make money. He says it is about 15 years old, 2 stage, no electric starter. If I go see it today, I will check model and serial number. Any thoughts on its value? I suspect it is worth less (maybe $150) but I think it is a good opportunity to get such a reputable machine. Is a it a reputable machine?

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canguy(British Columbia)

Of course he says it runs fine, he is selling it. If you live in Florida it is probably worth little. On the other hand, it could fetch a bundle in Buffalo.The model number would help.

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I can't get the full model number.

I live near Boston. So you think it is worth $250?

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Keep in mind a new one of the same model is priced over $1000.

If in good condition, as in everything works and no repairs are imminent, I'd say its worth it. If taken care of, these things can last 30 years or better.

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I bought a used Toro 826 Model ?8150 Serial 0004094 which I can't get to start. I have the choke in the down position and there isn't any prime button. The guy I bought it from started it right away but I can't. Any advice?

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