What type of Thuja to plant?

shuttonMarch 27, 2012

I live in the northeast and need a privacy screen. I have approx 8 feet between a split rail fence and a road. I have been told that planting Thuja Plicatas was the way to go. Then I discovered how many varieties there are. Between 'excelsa' 'Green Giant' and 'Occidentalis' , which variety would be best suited for my constraints? I'm aware that the grene giant would get wider than 8 feet, but if I plant them closer to the fence than the road, could I get away with my width problem or would the fence damage that part of the plant? Deer are prevelant in the area, are either of these better or worse? I plan on buying 5-6 feet tall trees. How far apart should I plant them?

Thanks for your help.

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Well Shut, you'd have a while before the fence would impinge on the trees' growing space. As far as which species, any of the Thujas is going to screen well. BTW, Green Giant is a hybrid of plicata and a Japanese species-standishii.

All good plants for your region.


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

I have 8 feet between my driveway and my neighbor and there's no better choice than Thuja occidentalis 'Wintergreen' aka 'Hetz Wintergreen' aka 'Wintergreen Pyramidal'.

I've measured 35' tall 'Hetz Wintergreen' and at most they are 7' across at the base. If you were to go with this cultivar, space them 4' apart or if you don't mind waiting a bit longer, space them 5' apart.

Just a note, Musser Forest sells seedlings of 'Wintergreen' and therefore you should not buy those because seedlings are variable and are not clones.. should you have to go to online sources. Evergreen Nursery sells true clones/rooted-cuttings of Wintergreen under the name 'Wintergreen Pyramidal'. Very good prices.

Green Giant will overwhelm that space over time and is not a good choice for that very reason.


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Thanks. I'm being told that 'Excelsa' is not deer resistant. Is that true...are the other two more resistant?

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Here Thuja plicata is rarely browsed - I've seen comparatively light damage once - whereas popular columnar T. occidentalis cultivars can be seen with basically no foliage from deer height down on numerous sites in my area.

I believe damage to the 'Green Giant' hybrid has been reported on GardenWeb.

The thing about comparing notes about deer is that their feeding behavior varies. There is also the damage done by rubbing off of velvet, this can be quite destructive to small specimens. The only guarantee is effectively fencing them out. If you are letting them into your plantings nobody can provide 100 percent assurance.

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