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exmarNovember 2, 2011

Just found out that both Home Depot and Lowe's offer a 10% discount on anything you buy if you're active military OR have VA ID card.

I was skeptical since I've been out of the military for over 40 years, but it worked yesterday for me.

Don't think this is a "shill?"


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I retired from the military in 1986 after 28 years and have used my retiree id card at both places a lot. Mostly at Lowes as it's closer to home. The 10% covers the tax, which where i live is almost 10%.

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Some HD/Lowe stores have stricter rules than other HD/Lowes. The official rules are on the websites, but the store policies differ.

It used to be that any veteran could get the 10% as long as you took in your DD214. There were too many vets going in and buying for unqualified people using their own DD214s.

There are about 5 holidays during the year when a vet can get the discount, otherwise, it's now limited to active duty, retired and perhaps another choice.

I complained when they changed the policy, but I guess they had to stop the fraud to make any money. If you want to honor vets, which are such a small part of the general population, I think they should honor all of them.

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In today Liberal world it's almost ashame to be veteran. after all they consider use leaches of the GOV. when in fact the GOV. has stuck it up most of our A##. I am suprised they don't take our day from us.

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Well, being a Veteran of WW II/Army/Infantry, i suppose i'd be on the protesters S-list. Although, knowing what i do now, the protesters, if they had been in our Army back then, would still be swimming toward shore, from taking a long bath in some ocean!
I saw a film clip of the protesters being offered jobs, and those jobs weren't right for them, they said.
So starve! Or they can come to my home and chomp at the grass until they get their fill. And, i have a great pile of dried oak leaves that could fill in for Post Toasties, or Corn Flakes.

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