Just got my Mom's Day present - a vinyl arbor.

caflowerluverMay 18, 2012

My old wooden one is falling apart. I noticed when pruning and watering my roses by the gazebo that it is getting pretty unstable. I think it is about ready to fall down. So DH bought me a new one for Mother's Day.

The old wooden one was a really cheap one I got from Jackson & Perkins in 2005. It is not redwood or cedar so didn't last. The new one is vinyl and hopefully will last longer. I got the 'mocha' or tan color to blend in with the gazebo better.

What type of arbor or trellis do any of you use? Anyone have the vinyl ones?


Here is a picture of the old wooden one when it was new with Aimee Vibert Scandens growing on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dura Trel 36

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I used GW photo upload feature and it didn't come out very good. I am going to continue to use Photobucket from now on.

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This spring I purchased an arbor and a trellis. They are both white vinyl and I am happy with how they look, I just wish the roses would mature a bit faster to cover them up a bit. The corner trellis is next to a crucifix/holder for upside down tomato grower from the infomercials:)

The arbor has don juan roses on each side but they are still babies..


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I have one of those upside down tomato growers too but haven't used it yet. I am thinking of using it for summer squash or cukes. How do you like yours?

My roses took several years to get that big. Give yours time and I am sure they will look beautiful.

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seil zone 6b MI

The wood one was lovely but they don't last. Even the redwood and cedar ones eventually rot. I like the new vinyl one you chose. It should be lovely with that rose on it.

I have a mish mash of black wrought iron trellises stuck in the ground all over the place but they don't have climbers on them, just large shrub roses that need some extra support.

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I'm not sure about the topsy turvy tomato planter yet. I only planted them about a week ago, but the idea of growing them upside down is interesting. They are still alive though which is always a good sign:)


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