Best above-ground sprinkler(s) for low pressure?

LibbyLizMay 23, 2006

I've lived in a rental house for 2 years & have low water pressure.

I was using a metal impulse sprinkler for the backyard, where the pressure is best & will turn the head.

On the side/front yard I was using a metal oscillating sprinkler where the pressure is lowest, but will still turn the arm.

I wasn't able to use both at the same time & certainly couldn't get the impulse sprinkler to turn if water was running inside the house (i.e. flushed toilet, filling clothes or dishwasher).

A neighbor moved & left behind plastic oscillating sprinklers.

I decided to give them a try after seeing other neighbors on the same water line use these & get quite the water stream distance from them.

After trying them out myself I find they will both operate at the same time, though the water stream distance is decreased.

I've also seen neighbors use plastic impulse sprinklers & get quite the water stream distance & fast movement, unlike my metal impulse sprinkler head.

However, it looks like the plastic impulse sprinklers don't really get the whole area wet (kind of the same as below).

Even when I used my metal impulse sprinkler head I noticed a circular pattern of grass being green nearest the sprinkler, then a brown circular patch, then a green circular patch where the stream ended.

Few neighbors though use the plastic 3-arm circular sprinkler & get quite the distance from those too.

But they look like they may water deeply & thoroughly.

I'm still working on getting the lawn green again after a hot dry spell that dried the lawn to a crisp in a matter of days & can't tell yet if the plastic oscillating sprinklers are deeply & thoroughly watering the grass.

I guess my question is, what above-ground sprinkler do you think is best for low pressure, one that waters the deepest & most thorough?

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The material the sprinkler is made of doesn't matter. You need a sprinkler that uses a smaller amount of water and that shoots far enough to cover your area. It sounds like a single stream rotor is what you want. All home improvement stores have these.

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