Buying a lawn sweeper and need advice

golfer_2008(7)November 16, 2012

Any advice or recomendations for a good quality 48 or 50 inch tow behind lawn sweeper to collect grass clippings and fall leaves will be greatly appreciated. The area to be swept is about 2 acres.


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I have mine which is Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper. It has 50 inch W. sweeping path.

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Two acres???? AND leaves??? Won't work unless you really like driving back and forth to the dumping area!!! Remember, most of them you have to change the depth setting to travel to dump, then when you return reset.

I have a 50" which is only used in the thickest areas, it's full in about 40 feet. Wouldn't even consider it for leaves.

Consider a mulching deck with rear bagger. At the very least, get mulching blades for your existing mower, that'll help a lot.

Good luck,


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Well, IMO bets raking. The lawn sweepers work great for me 1 1/3 ac. lots of leaves from Blackjack oaks all around. Mine only 42" but I still manage to bump trees and rub chain link fence. Yes lots of trips to the dump pile for burning, but lots more trips raking (unless you use big tarp system). Don't really work good in corners where leave pile up feet deep. For that a big tarp, rope, and big rake will be faster.

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Sweepers vary hugely in quality. Parker is a good name to know. For the most part,a good quality 4 brush per side sweeper is the way to go.

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I have had excellent results with lawn sweepers. Gumballs, pine cones, pine straw, and leaves. Can require frequent dumping but beats raking by a mile. Take tomplum's advice and get the highest quality sweeper you can afford. The lower end sweepers do not work nearly as well.

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