RainBird impact sprinkler won't rotate

desertbronzeMay 26, 2009

I installed a RainBird brass impact sprinkler (Model # 25PJDA-C) on a poly riser to irrigate my garden last year. Worked fine. This year the sprinkler will rotate clockwise until it reaches the stop. It will not rotate counterclockwise as it should. Any ideas?

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Hi desertbronze,

Is that the color of the sprinkler? The spring must be clogged or broken. Examine the springs and move them around a little. Check a sprinkler that works and see if you can discern a difference. If that doesn't help soak it in vinegar for 1 hour and see if that helps. Let us know if it works or doesn't after that. Aloha

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Thanks for your suggestion.

I called RainBird's 800 support number a couple of times. The second guy told me to check the nozzle. It was clogged and would not pass enough water to make the sprinkler rotate counterclockwise. Working fine now.

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