3/4" vs 1/2" Drip tubing

brian6464(4a)June 1, 2014

I'm very new to drip irrigation. Is there any advantage to 3/4" drip tubing vs 1/2" for a small to medium sized residential setup? Is the width of required tubing strictly driven by water pressure?

With a 25psi regulator, is 1/2" sufficient?

Seems that 1/2" is the only thing I have seen in the big box stores.

There are so many options with emitters, sprinklers, fittings etc. The initial planning seems a little overwhelming.

Thanks in advance!

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What is your water pressure and gallons per minute..

How many zones do you plan on doing?

What is your Plant water requirement?

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Thanks for the response. I'm in the initial stages of planning, so I don't have answers to your questions.

I'm just looking for general comments as to why someone would need 3/4" rather than 1/2"? I understand you can theoretically deliver more water in less time, but in drip watering that may not be the desired outcome. I assume there is a point where psi would require 3/4" rather than 1/2"?

The only thing I know for sure at this point is that I will have two separate runs off a splitter that go to opposite sides of my house. Each run will be no more than 100' total. It will strictly be drip for garden beds and 5 gallon buckets.

Others have suggested 1/2" since it is the most used. At what psi will fittings blow out of 1/2" but not 3/4"?

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Big pipes like that are for very large areas. They need to be able to do a ton of watering at once, otherwise it would take all day to water.

It's all about how much water can pass through, not the PSI.

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here are some spreadsheets on pressure loss as well as max GPM the most commonly used piping types can withstand - http://www.irrigationtutorials.com/spreadsheets-for-calculating-pipe-pressure-loss/

I recommend exploring the whole site!


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