need remote for old garage door opener

blkeeler(7 NM)November 9, 2008

I have an old Genie chain drive (model 200). The receiver box is separate and says Cryptar II Control, Model AR-50, Freq = 325, Alliance Mfg.

I bought a universal remote at Home Depot, but I can't figure out if I have DIPs or a learn button. I can't find either one. I assume I need to look by the antenna on the receiver box. I took the little black cover off as there were no buttons of any kind visible on the outside. Under the cover is a circuit board, but I do not see a button or DIPs anywhere.

The actual motor (Genie) has a heavy metal cover that is bolted in place. I don't think that I should mess with that.

Also, a friend with built-in remote in his Lexus programmed his car to work with this garage door opener. I think he said he did it by using the old remote (now dead). His car unit was able to "read" the signal.

Can anyone help?


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Alliance Mfg made Genie openers way back when. The radio frequency has been changed at least twice since your model was made. To do what you want to do will require a new opener. You might be able to use that universal remote with the new unit.

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1) I'm not sure, but it maybe possible to buy a new receiver to activate the opener.

2) A lot of cars now come with HomeLink installed, which allows you to program buttons in your car (usually on the mirror or visor) to work with the current generation of garage remotes, which do not use DIP switches but rather rolling code technology. If you get such a receiver and have such a car, this will be possible.

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i had a friend run into this situation before, all he did was put a radio control kit. check out the link i, think this is where he got it from.

Here is a link that might be useful: Guardian Entry Systems

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djones you are posting to someone that was here in November 2008. I doubt he is still coming back looking for ideas.

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blkeeler(7 NM)

I'm the poster of the original message, and I still am trying to find a solution.

Thanks, djones2010, for the link to the radio control unit. I'll check it out.

Thanks, GardenWeb, for emailing me whenever posts a follow-up to my original message.


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I guess when you are looking for miracles you just don't quit.

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i do what i can to help. who knows someone might be reading this and it helps.

where are you from don?

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mtobias1(7a, VA)

Hi Don Did the miracle happen? I now have the same issue.
Old Sears openers in a house just purchased. The fools chucked out the old openers.

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Maybe it's too late but in order to use a remote control for that model (Genie 200) you need a Genie radio control model: GR390. After you have that, when you buy the remote control, you need to get the remote that said: "for non-rolling opener". Follow the instructions and you good to go.
Cuong truong

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check out ebay. I have bought several remotes there. You may find the exact one you may be used but still works...

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