Difference between Corinthian and Crimson Rocket peach trees

ajMilo(6)March 25, 2013

Can anyone tell me the difference between an ornamental Corinthian peach tree and a Crimson Rocket peach tree besides the fact that one bears fruit? I'm trying to decide between the two but haven't found much online. If they're close to the same width and have similar blooms I'd prefer to have the fruit too. I'm in zone 6, Kansas City.

Also does anyone have experience growing either? Negatives? We had a few bradford pears that were planted by previous owners & we're trying not to make a similar mistake.

Thank you, I really appreciate any info!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


there is a very active fruit forum.. if you want opinion from hardcore fruit nuts ... or they might recommend other cultivars ...

and they might have a better handle on your success with peach.. in your area.. add a nearby big city name ...

i think of peach as highly regional .... they do not perform 'easily' everywhere ... but i might be wrong on that ...

an 'ornamental' peach .. is simply a sterile plant ... the flowers can not form into fruit ... if you have any inclination to wanting fruit.. why fool with one??? .. being just a sterile version.. they are all going to perform about the same.. subject to dwarfing understock.. etc ....

why i gave up on fruit.. over the years.. is the requisite sprayings .... we are talking about 4 to 6 applications of stuff [chem or organic].. simply to get a decent harvest .... and at that point .. i gave up .. its not worth it ... i may still get a few fruit now and then.. and on my 5 acres.. i have room to piddle around with such..

but if i were back in suburbia.. and i could only have one tree .. i guess i wouldnt bother with fruit bearing trees ...

ask the same question in the fruit forum.. if you dont get specific answers here on a given named variety ..

and do understand.. being trees.. not many of them simply stop growing at some magical height.. most size estimates are at ten years.. and they can usually get twice as big in 20 .... subject to proper pruning for a fruit tree ...

ahhh.. what the heck.. go for it.. enjoy it .. and get rid of it.. when you get bored with it.. its not like adopting a child.. and you have to keep it forever.. lol ...


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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Flowering peaches often fruit, but quality is variable as that is not usually what they were selected for. The main thing with growing peaches of any type is having the right climate, being prepared to deal with pathogens and pests.

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Thank you for your responses. To both your points, I have a feeling a fruiting peach tree in this area is probably more work than it's worth but I will post in the fruit forum and get their take is as well. From what I've read it seems like peaches in general are difficult to grow. Again thanks!

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