echo 2100 trimmer

deano_2010November 10, 2010

My well used echo 2100 trimmer runs great but has developed a vibration in lower part of shaft and seems to loose power when the vibration starts. The drive shaft appears OK so am wondering if the plastic sleeve inside the shaft pipe is worn? Is that a common wear item? Shaft pipe is available for reasonable cost and the rest of the trimmer seems to run fine. Thanks

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Deno: Echo makes a Excellent Product have ran and serviced numerous units. You are correct in your thought process . If as you have indicated your units has seen long term service the internal sleeve (bushing) insert make have become worn (egg shape) perhaps due to lack of lubrication and overheating . This would indeed cause whip in the cable and noticeable vibration and subsequent lose of power . Check it out and let us know . Normally these inserts are replaceable stock items at least on the older models .

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ewalk, thanks for the input. Will order the shaft pipe (only way to get the internal bushing)and let you know how it works out. Any suggestions on lubrication, does it come with lube already and/or what lube/frequency should be done?

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Deano: Normally the Units come from the factory pre greased and an additional pouch of Graphite paste grease is supplied for secondary greasing. Any Moly high temp grease will suffice . Depending on the service hrs you acquire seasonally greasing is the norm. I suppose commercial units may be serviced frequently for obvious reasons. Check the new cable and reapply grease as needed , all the best you have a fine unit congrats ..E.

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ewalk, got the new shaft pipe (have to order shaft pipe to get the internal sleeve as they are sold as a unit)and finally had time to install it and fiddle with the carb to get it running. Came dry so lubed it with moly grease and we're off and running. Works GREAT so just wanted to bring you up to speed on it and thank you for the input. Great site that will for sure be recommended to others in our area and I'm sure I'll be back again with other questions.

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Great Deano , Thanks for taking the time to respond as to your final resolve . Just an adder , since you mentioned the carb tuning , which is normal especially on older units. 1st you probably already are aware but just some advice try to ensure to use a fuel stabilizer (Stabil) during storage and use a premium fuel treatment at least once a yr . I use Lucas Top End Lube / Cleaner , but there are numerous other fine products like Duralube or Resilone ..etc. I have found with Ethanol based fuels and even my non ethanol based gas hear up North here always tend to cause problems otherwise with small trimmer and chainsaw fuel circuits eventually . All the Best Bro :)

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