Need Raised Bed Watering Solution

suntower(z5 WA)June 25, 2014


I've got a dozen raised beds I use for veg. They're about 3' x 12' each. I've tried a 'drip' but I'm planting stuff almost all year round and the crops are spaced differently so it's a PITA to work around the tubes. I've -routinely- sliced into them.

I was wondering if there were some fairly inexpensive sprinkers I could put just in the corners of each bad that would use a narrow but long mist pattern. I've seen things like this at golf courses but I'm sure they're expensive.

Or if there are better options, I'm all ears. The key points are:
---relatively cheap
---something durable that I can't break like these drip things.

Hopefully that's not asking for the moon.



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I use Ein Dor Mini ( sprinklers in some my raised beds, they work great. I connect them to a 1/2" mainline with valves for each bed, I use two of 5sq/ft sprinklers per 8 foot bed. The coverage is great and spray pattern only waters the soil.

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suntower(z5 WA)

Thanks. I've never used these before. The prices seem almost =too= cheap (if that's possible) so maybe I'm missing something?

In addition to the sprinklers, what else does one need to make a complete 'system'? I guess there is some sort of mini-tube and then an adapter to a standard hose? Do they offer a complete kit of some sort?


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i would recommend one of their Heart of the Garden kits, and then purchasing separately the individual emitters of your choosing.

So you need a filter, a psi regulator and 1/2" mainline tubing for a basic system (some kind of metal U hold downs). Then all the 1/4" tubing (soaker or regular) your Ts and Elbows and all sorts of different plugs and adapters running to your various zones.

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I suggest you use copper pipe hold downs with copper nails for holding down the feed tubing.

Also, instead of having the tubing down next to the ground why not install a wire/cable down the center of the beds about 2 feet above everything. Then tie wrap the feed hose to the wire, install your emitters and stand back... lol

A 1/2 hose feed line with a 20 psi regulator can service at least 200 emitters. (I've heard up to 600) So one timer/filter/regulator should work for your whole setup if you connect the beds together.

Don't forget to install a back flow unit at the head of your feed line as you don't want any water back-flowing into the house water system. It has to be at the highest point in the system.

The end of the feed line should be at the lowest point in your water system so the input line can completely drain.

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