Even Watering Pop Up Spray Head for 4' Radius?

ArteomJune 7, 2013

Hello Everyone! In new here but would greatly appreciate your help!

I recently made a raised planting area next to a koi pond/ patio on mine, its curves here and there and is around 4-6' wide. It has 6, 8" Pop up standard spray heads and I am using hunter adjustable 6' spray heads and they don't seem to work for me. I see a pool of water in a ring where the edge of the water is, and very dry next to the spray head. They heads are placed fairly close, but still even coverage is not happening.

I tried the Dual Spray Brass nozzles from Orbit as I have on my Lawn, they work fantastic at full water pressure, but when you dial it down to achive 6'/4' It throws out too large of droplets in the same pattern as the other nozzles.

I wanted to simply use those Micro spray heads, but I don't like the look of little spikes sticking up every few feet, is there anything similar I can screw onto the existing popup bodies and achieve a finer "mist" if you will, to evenly water smaller areas?

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For a meaningful analysis of your problem, I would need to know your systems pressure. Do you know how to find that out? You may check out the spray heads that irrigate in a rectangle pattern versus cranking down your existing ones. aloha

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Water pressure? I am not sure. I would have to say really good though, Around 1,300 Gallons per hour from a standard 3/4" hose?

I can run 8-10 Pop Up sprinklers on one line with no issues in a 1/2" supply.

I tried those Rectangle spray heads, but the shape of my bed will not be compatible with those kinds of spray patterns. Maybe I will post a picture tomorrow?

I was hoping there was maybe a head with a very small "cut" where the water is dispersed, most heads I see have a 1/8" [or so] opening, I think something smaller would [mist] the water more.

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