Mazzei injector

Rio_GrandeJune 10, 2013

I built one using their injector but I can't figure out how to use it. I have a base water soluble fertalizer we always just mixed in a bulk tank and pumped it through the sprinkler system.
With the drip it is much more complicated, if I inject it through the lines I have to make a concentrated solution and inject it through the mazzei into the line water. That dilutes it and sends it through the emitters to the root zone,

Simple right?
Anyway I am looking for someone who can help me through getting it going.
Where I am having trouble is how do you know what rate it delivers the nutrient and what rate to mx the fertilizer solution at.


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A a a h, that is the heart of the question with these devices. What are you putting out there and when is it glogging the orifices. Are you a commercial operation? How much drip are you talking about. Do you want to do a rough estimate or a detailed calculation? Aloha

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Thanks for the reply!
Not really commercial, but kinda. We sell through our CSA.
We have over 3000 feet of drip tape in the ground but we only irrigate around 200 feet at a time. I know, gonna fix that next year. I don't mind a rough estimate as long as it dosent mess up our plants. We have the 3/4 model. If I read it right it puts out 14 gph, but I have no idea how to translate that into my mix. Really concerned at this point if this thing is safe?

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You would have to explain safe or what your concern is? Even If you have purchased the venturi device I would not fertilize this way. The reasons are it is not time saving, measurable, it will clog the drip lines eventually, it is expensive, it is not the easiest method to apply fertilizer. Something that technical in its preparation, probably will lead to human errors in concentrations especially in a commercial or semi operation. JMHO Aloha

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Not much other way to apply fert in our setup. We run plastic mulch row covers with drip irrigation. We fertalized using the water soluble mix for the last 2 years using overhead system. But at that time we had regular looking garden no plastic mulch.

I am going to add another resivour and dedicate it to mixed nutrient and add an agitator to keep it mixed well. We will just pump properly mixed nutrient through the lines and nor worry if the injector is not applying it right or if I botched the math.

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My favorite method. Trial and error. You learn what will work for you. As long as the plants are thriving your good. Aloha

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