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DAWOJune 4, 2014


I am planning to irrigate my lawn using Rain Bird products. However I am a little bewildered by the sheer amount of different sprinkler models and variants!

For one section of my lawn irrigation I need rotary sprinklers that can provide me with part circle irrigation and a radius of longer than 35 feet if possible, which I guess leaves me with the 5000 series rotor sprinkler. But when within this series choosing a model, I become a bit confused. I guess I do not need the plus-version (no need to be able to shut off individual sprinklers). But should I opt for a model with SAM (Seal-A-Matic) and PRS (Pressure Regulating Stem)? Or do these features shorten the irrigation radius in some way, or make the sprinkler less robust (by being more complicated)? And is it worthwhile investing in the Stainless Steel Rotor version?

When it comes to irrigate my flowerbeds and lawn sections with a smaller area (10 by 10 feet), should I choose from the 1800-series or Uni-Spray series if I want the best quality? And have I understood the concept correctly if I first buy the pop-up spread head of choice, and then equip this with a nozzle (for example a HE-VAN nozzle if I want to be able to adjust the angle of coverage)?

My third question is regarding what sprinkler valves to choose? I would like to be able to control my valves from my home automation system, which means that I can turn on and off a 24V transformer for example. So if you have any suggestions of a good quality valve from Rain Bird that can be controlled by 24V, meaning that when I turn on the current, the valve opens, and when the current is off, the valve is shut, I would be most grateful!

I also might have to take into consideration when choosing valves, that some of my sprinklers are placed on a higher ground level then the valves (as I have a terraced garden)?

Thanks a lot for all the help I can get!

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whats your gallons per minute and psi?

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Thanks Capecodirrigationguy!

The flow rate is 17,6 gpm. I have not yet been able to measure my water pressure, probably I will get someone next week to do this for me. My neighbour claims that we have around 30 psi, but, as I said, I will have to verify that.

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17.6 gpm? Something tells me you might have a little more than 30 psi. 5000 series is an excellent choice in rotors, my personal favorite in fact. The only option you might be interested in is SAM if the area you are watering in one zone has a significant elevation change. SAM is designed to minimize low point drainage. Elsewise just use the regular 5000s, the other options are mostly for vandalism or damage prevention, suitable for public parks or apartment grounds.

You have the idea for the spray setup. Only thing I would caution on is if you intend on using variable arc nozzles (VANs) be aware that they typically throw out a lot more water than the fixed spray variety. They can also unadjust themselves over time, usually widening thier arc. For those reasons Iprefer the fixed spray nozzles. They come in a variety of arcs from 45 to 360, making VANs largely unneeded.

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Thanks Silverdraggon!

You were definitely correct when suspecting that my pressure was more than 30 psi! During daytime it has now been measured to 50 psi, so I suspect that during night time, when nobody in the neighborhood is using any water, that it will be even higher than that. I will also install a thicker pipe which means that the flow rate will increase substantially. The flow rate of 17,6 gpm, was through a 1â pipe, and the new one I will install is 1,5âÂÂ.

Are there any differences between the UNI-Spray series and the 1800 series? I plan to use either of these for my flowerbeds and some smaller patches of lawn that I have. Given the water pressure of 50 psi and the flow rate which eventually will be increased with my new 1,5â pipe, how many UNI-spray heads, or 1800 spray heads could I put in one section?

As some of my sprinklers in my garden will be above the magnetic valves, what should I use in order to prevent water flowing back into our water system?

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