do 1 yr old bushes flower?

garyderosa(6)May 2, 2012

In my ordering binge this year i got 2 new roses from northland. They were Jude the obscure and Aromatherapy. I figured i was getting bareroot grafted but when they arrived they were 1 year old green house grown ownroot. Now i know i should be excited to have own root"which i am" but i thought they would be established and older. they are healthy but only about a foot tall with stems the width of a thermometer. Will they flower this summer, if not how long does it take. Thanks

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They probably should... The flower might be smaller though.

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

I've ordered quite a few from Northland. Mine flowered, but not very many and not very large. Maybe 4, 5 blooms? I did pinch off the first set of buds, though, so that they would grow strong roots first. We also had a very cold & wet spring last year, so my roses got a much later start than normal last summer.

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My experience with small new own root roses is that the smaller rose bushes (ie "minis") will flower fairly well but the larger plant size roses (ie climbers & roses that grow to +5 ft tall)will flower very lightly & sometimes not at all the first year. Remember the saying "the 1st year they 'sleep', the 2nd year they 'creeper' & the 3rd year they 'leap'.

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seil zone 6b MI

I've had repeat blooming seedlings (not rooted cuttings) bloom within 8 weeks of germination so I'd say yes, they should bloom this year. The blooms will probably be fewer and smaller but unless it is a non-remontant rose it should bloom. My once blooming seedlings can take up to 3 years to give me their first bloom.

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