Canadian Online irrigation supply companies?

Sherwood Botsford(3a)June 30, 2009

Anyone have experience dealing with

Northern Garden Supply (

Irrigation Direct (

Other canadian online suppliers you can recommend?

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Did you have a bad experience?

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

Sort of. I have called the 4 largest irrigation companies in Alberta. They do sprinkler. Or residential. Or golf courses. I ask for drip tape. I get an 'eh? whuzat?" or "We don't carry that" in a tone of voice that implies that I must be some kind of feeble minded idiot to ask.

I leave messages. No one returns my calls.
I send email. They answer one out of 4 questions.

Buying stuff from the states is full of hassles. Don't believe the stuff about free trade. ANYTHING that crosses the border in less than container loads is double in price by the time you get it. And it takes a minimum of 2 weeks. E.g. If I ordered a thousand drippers from Mr. Drip for 20 cents each:

$200 U.S. + 20% exchange + 5% GST + $40 shipping + 5% GST on the shipping + $110 brokerage fee + 5% GST on the brokerage fee + $30 gas and 3 hours of my time to go to town to pick it up. OR $150 to have it delivered.

NGS has been around for a while, but I've never dealt with them. When dealing with tech stuff, I prefer to buy it at a store where I can go back and pound on the desk if it doesn't work.

ID is a new company to me. Their prices are a LOT cheaper than NGS which in turn is about as cheap as I could do from the U.S.

Curiously neither company shows up much in internet searches outside of their own web sites. No recommendations. No horror stories. MY website is mentioned on more sites than either of these two, and I'm just a one person operation trying to sell trees to the local area, not a national online supply company.

So I'm seeking recommendations.

Where do you go to buy a thousand drippers?

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I had that feeling.

Here is a link to an irrigation supply directory in Canada. Hope this works.

I don't know if any of these companies are in your area though.

Depending on your pressure and available flow you could do irrigation without drippers just pvc pipe or poly and a little experimenting.

GL Aloha.

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

Just to followup:

I have dealt with both Northern and ID now. Both are solid companies. NGS tends to be pricier, but they carry Netafim water filters -- One of the best disk filters available.

Irrigation Direct sells a line of chinese knockoffs, but they are good knockoffs. I have now bought two miles of tubing, and 4000 drippers from them.

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