New Craftsman Automatic Transmission Noise?

jfls43May 7, 2007

I just bought a Craftsman Lawn Tractor, Kohler 21HP, Model No. 917.27662, with the Automatic Transmission, (speed lever on the fender) I have about one hour use on it. When taking off and especially climbing any hilly terrain, there is a noise that sound like a dry, whirring coming from the transaxle area. I believe it is the automatic or hydro transmission making this noise. I have the swashplate type of transaxle, according to the prints in the repair manual. Is this noise normal? It is loud enough that it bugs me, especially after just paying 1499.00 for it. Does anyone have experience with these hydro transmissions and know what I should or shouldn't be hearing?



ps, found out after I got tractor home, this is last years model. Sears definately has bait and switch advertising

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if ya can bring it back and get your money returned...go JD and get a whine, better machine, better tranny...simply put ...better..unless ya on slopes than ya have to refigure all the other variables...

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To start with, you're under warranty, so let Sears fix the problem. That's a good machine you got, and it could happen to any mower out there with the automatic tranny and it's possible it wasn't filled properly with enough oil. It is however one reason I got the manual transmission on my Craftsman GT5000. Nothing wrong with going automatic, but I just don't trust it yet to want one. My Mom has an automatic in her DLT3000 and she loves it and it works like a champ, but I like my manual trans better for power and control with the high/low range.

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Hey bighagrid

The gentelman ask for information on a automatic transmission......not for a dam John Deere sales pitch

I see that you have been a member of this group for 13 days..........welcome to the forum.

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thanks for reminding me dynamike59, I asked for info on noise from my new Craftsman Automatic transmission... not a sales pitch on JD.

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deerslayer(Z5 NE IL KBG)

Some hydro whine is normal with light hydros under heavy load (including the K46 on the JD L120). However, your hydro should be quiet running on a level surface at full throttle. BTW, you'll probably hear noise running level if you operate at half throttle or less. Always operate a hydro equipped LT at full throttle.


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My 2003 DLT3000 has he same whine you describe. I asked about it then, and was told it was normal. Have not had any problems since. The noise is the same now, as it was back then. Don't listen to those Deere guys.

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no pitch...just feel the green is a better machine...we are all entitled to our opinions...and just wait till Friday the 13th...woooooooo...thanx for the welcome even though..good peopke here with lots of can learn quite a bit...sarcasm excluded or included...I can take a hurt feelings...but let me check with bighagrid...200lb, 33" tall to the shoulders and only a pup...but he loves his daddy....

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No pitch? The guy asked for an explanation for a noise, and you come on and saying what how great JD is, and he should buy one instead. Maybe you should take your opinion to the appropriate posts that mention opinions or recommendations on new tractors, since this post had nothing to do with that. Better yet, take it to a post people have had problems with their JD. Just do a search. There are plenty of them around.

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love that NJ attitude...but us ole NY boys down on Mott street are used to eatin the shtimp with the hot bad they built the lincoln and holland tunnels...which is why I got outa NY because all the fish came thru and stunk up the lower east offense though...right....

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Just as a note.
I have/had 20.5Hp BS Craftsman.
8 years old, gentle slope up front yard.
Use Roller in Spring, Brinley Sweeper when mowing, and hauling cart with muulch/fert. for raised bed garden.

Transmission just went out.
It made the noises you were describing for a couple years, and it was obvious that it was working hard. I should have traded it out earlier, but didn't. You 'might' be working your transmission too hard which 'might' give out after your warranty.

Everything is a balance though. is 8 years enough?
Was for me. Time to upgrade a bit and go another 10-15.
My new ride is MUCH smoother, has an OHV engine, and beefier transmission. Used market was priced right.

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Careful bhshaman, he doesn't want to hear that the noise might mean his tractor isn't up to what he wants to use it for and it might mean the early demise of his tractor (which would require replacement). He wants to hear that it is normal and Craftsman are the best, so just tell him that instead. We wouldn't want to hurt any feelings.

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billlh(zone 5)

I have a YS4500 I bought last year and mine makes the same noise when starting out. I'm guessing if I had hilly terrain to mow I would hear it going up hills also. I think you will have to decide how much of an incline your using it on and if your doing a lot of that stuff then it may not last. But as a side note I have a 1976 Bolens H16 with who knows how many hours on it. It has an old Eaton hydro in it and has whined since the day I brought it home. Last time I tried it it was still going strong. I also have a old Ford 18 horse lawn tractor made about 1991 and it whines like that also. I have no idea if the tranny has ever been worked on or replaced though. So I'd say it's hard to say how long it will last. My new X465 Deere makes no noise at all but then that thing is a buldozer compared to my other tractors.


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