pressure correction after reading it

kelogsJune 2, 2014


guys at water company came by during a heavy rains period and gave me a reading for the pressure at the point their pipe entered my inner house water circuit. Thing is - I highly doubt that the pressure value during the hot summer will be the same. Any percentage by which I could reduce it in order to correctly plan my irrigation system ?

I am not going to wait until too late to read it again, so I'll have to work it out with some guesstimate.


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What was the pressure that they told you? The pressure will not fluctuate with seasons or rainfall amount. It is based on elevation of their water tank in relation to your house line elevation or their pumping operating pressure (ground water pumps). You need to decide where to make your connection to your irrigation system. Aloha

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I do believe that it doesn't matter what your house pressure is. If you buy ONE quality pressure reducer, it will regulate the outgoing pressure no matter what the source pressure is within a huge range. If you expect your house pressure to be as low as, say 35 pounds, then set the thing to 35 and add extra zones to allow for the reduced reliable flow rate.

Some companies will try to sell you a pressure valve for every zone. That's boat payment logic. Buy one and make it a good one.

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Ok, thanks! they read it at 41 PSI. Though it probably does fluctuate, if not for drought reasons, then for others. I mean, I would be surprised for the pressure to just stay constant at 41 year long.

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41 psi is as low you want to have house pressure. You don't even need a pressure regulator at all. This pressure is safe for all your house appliances. They are rated for normal house pressure of 45 to 55 psi. You take off your irrigation directly from your house outside faucet. You will be limited how many heads you can put on a controller zone by your low pressure. The pressure fluctuates because the water height in your water municipal water storage tank changes elevation as people use the water and the filled up by pumpage again. If you are running drip only, you can put an in-line pressure regulator(very inexpensive) to lower to 25 psi. This is because drip tubing can split with more pressure than that. Aloha

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