Dirtless gardening

DawnStorm(7/MD)May 3, 2007

Interesting article in today's Washington Times. Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dirtless gardening

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pablo_nh(z4/5 NH)

Don't believe the hype that a commercial source necessarily does it better or that you need to purchase something. It's not true.

The soil that you have is a wonderful thing- even if it needs a bit of help.

Lasagna garden. Compost. Mulch well with free shredded leaves/pine needles.

Don't step on the beds. Of course native soil is going to compact if you walk on it while it's wet... just don't do that.

Lemme tell you- you can go buy soil or whatever, and grow in it. That's great and it will work. When you do it from scratch, however, and for free- there's another dimension of accomplishment that many feel (and some don't... hey- that's fine).

It's 100% myth that making your own soil better is expensive, really hard work, hard to get right, or requires an expert. Just lay out the ingredients and the worms will bake that cake for you :)

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You're right! Just thought you'd like to read the article.
I have great soil; sure I've added some Compro here and there, but for pity's sake, the DC Metro area is hardly a wasteland. Ask my allergies. ;)

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pablo_nh(z4/5 NH)

Understood- and it was interesting to get their take on it.

Maybe I hang out here too much, but I can't remember the last time I was talking to a gardner that really got the idea that IALBTC and it can happen right there while you're growing stuff! It's second nature now. That's just how many of us live.

Some folks are stuck in apartments by circumstance rather than by choice and they don't have one square foot in which to grow a tomato. Others have just enough room for a 50 square foot garden, and their compost bin is scrutinized by leering neighbors.

I guess that I am lucky to be able to live where I do. Pile up your garbage in the yard. Pee on the pile. Steal and store bags of leaves for use later. Now how many people say stuff like that bragging? :)

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Scotts is simply greenless!

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kimpa(z6b PA)

and shameless!

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"Pile up your garbage in the yard. Pee on the pile."

Pablo, it looks like you're ahead of the curve -- better get a patent on your mix!:

[from the article] "What can you expect to see underfoot in the next few years? How about aromatic soil mixes -- with the scent of evergreens or citronella carried into your home by a soft morning breeze?"

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pablo_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hey ya- what will people pay for the pleasure of urine scented garbage?

"Now with asparagus!"

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