Help please - ignorant to roses!

Emmie73May 11, 2014

Hello all - new here. I just wondered if any one would be so kind as to enlighten me with this -

My neighbours recently moved out and left behind a poor abandoned rose. I spotted it whilst attending to my other potted plants on my patio and kindly asked the builders (once I contacted the former home-owners) if I could pop in and remove it. I now have the rose :) When I first brought it in, it was covered in black-spot. It was obviously not looked after by the former residents - before them an elderly lady lived there for 30+ years and she was a serious gardener and would have been heartbroken at the state of this poor rose. I pruned it - even though it is not really the right season, but thought I had nothing to lose - which obviously got rid of the black-spot. I also treated it with the 'Bayers' fungus killer/control. Now I say pruned, I guess what I mean is cut off the leaves that were affected.

I potted it (as I have no garden - only a patio) in a 40 litre pot. It has formally spent all it's life in the ground. I will re-pot in in a larger pot if need be. I used an an all-purpose compost, some ground coffee (which was advised to me at a garden centre) and some good fertiliser. It seems to be doing okay and is in bud, with two blooms. What I want to know is - is there anything else I need to do, or do I just wait and see how it does? Also, I have no idea what variety of rose this it a climber?

Many, many thanks for any help :)

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Here is a second photo of the rose so you can get a good look at it. It has quite spindly stems.

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Sounds like your doing all the right things, I bet the rose will bounce back though it might take sometime, My only suggestion is it might be helpful for the rose to received some partial shade until it's root system is once again established. (If the temps are high in your area). I keep most of my roses on a porch in whiskey barrels and they seem quite content As for what the rose is, more pics could be helpful do you have any of the open blooms, a close up of the cains, maybe a pick of the full plant? Are the leaves glossy or matte? What is the color of new growth? If I was guessing off the might be Joseph's Coat....but that's a big maybe

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seil zone 6b MI

Without seeing bloom pics we probably can't ID it. Without an ID we can't really tell you what else to do. Let grow for a bit, take more pics of everything and post those later on and maybe we can help you put a name to it.

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