Ugh!! Carb leaking gas from bottom of bowl.

weaseNovember 11, 2009

I've been working on this problem for about a month now. I bought kit 632760B for my snowblower motors carb. It's a Tecumseh motor.

There is a gas drain plug with a spring on it and I've replaced the gasket on that. There is also a nut that screw in the center of the bowl and I replaced the gasket on that. I also installed the new needle for the float assembly. Floats seem good and move freely.

As soon as I prime the carb with the primer button, it starts to leak out of the bottom of the carb. It's not coming from above.. I have assured this much. One thing of note...if I pull the primer hose (small black tube) off of the carb and plug that hole on the carb, the gas stops dripping. What in the heck is going on? Anyone with some sage advice here?

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You may have a pin hole in the bowl from corrosion, rust, or a defect. When you plug the primer hole you are plugging the carb vent so the leak stops. Forget that it's normal. Get down there and watch as it first starts to leak so you can see the source before gas goes all over the place. Then repair or replace the bowl if that's it.

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there is also a o-ring at the top of the bowl tht seals the bowl against the carb. You may not have the float set right. I usually hook a hose up to the carb. flip it up side down and blow through the hose. If float is working it will not alow air to flow through. This has nothing to do with the proper float level, but it should shut off the gas when the bowl if full.

As far as th primer button if just pumps fuel through the carb. for fast starting rather than vacuum action from the piston sucking the fuel through the carb. I think????? I have noticed that the bowl can be hard to reseal at the top due to the o-ring if its cocked when you tighten up the center plug it will leak when the carb fills up, usually this is immediately after you connect the fuel hose and put gas in the tank?

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Are you sure the float is good? take it back apart,and shake the float to see if there's gas inside.....

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The primer bulb and hose merely force air into the carb's bowl. The gas takes the route of least resistance and goes up through the jet into the throttle area.

Are you saying that if your prime one time, the gas continues to flow out of the carb OR does a little come out and then stop? (which would be normal)

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I'll check the floats but I've had them apart already and they aren't filled with gas. The immediate leaks makes me think the floats are fine because it would take a little time to fill them up with gas.

I'm going to pull the carb off again. Put another new bowl gasket on there and test the bowl for any leaks.

Not sure about the prime issue. I believe the gas may be draining out of the tank, into the bowl and out until it's all gone. That's why I'm only putting a little bit of gas in the tank.

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Have you replaced the needle and seat? It took 3 tries to get a good seat on my carb.

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How do you replace the seat on the carb?

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Get a genuine Tecumseh bowl kit. It's easier with the tool, but blow out the old seat with an air gun through the fuel inlet, or use a small hook. Lightly grease the outside of the seal, insert it with the grooved side facing the bottom of the hole, press in with a flat nail, or something. The needle point enters the side with no groove on it.

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Found the problem. The first reply to my original post was correct. Pin hole in bottom of bowl. I thought I scoured the bottom of the bowl looking for something and didn't see it. Then I just happened to be looking at it through some light on the other side while having breakfast and low and behold there is a small hole in the bottom. I'm buying a new bowl this morning.

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