Ants in garden beds/compost piles

msdoodahsMay 30, 2014

Talc based baby powder will make fire ants abandon their mound. Does the same for every ant hill I've tried it on (no expert on ants so I can't say what specific type of ants other than those awful fire ants).

I used it in the lawn when I lived in TX (cover the mound completely with it, go out about three inches around it, too - usually within 24 hours, the mound was abandoned).

If my compost pile or veggie garden has ants in it, anyone know of a reason talc based baby powder should NOT be used there?

Thanks in advance.

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I would say in the compost pile it's best to try to raise the temperature high enough (say to 150 degrees F. By adding lots of grass clippings) so that it is too hot for ants. From what I can tell, I don't get bugs or ants unless the temperature is lower than about 120.

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Talcum powder, talc, is used because it absorbs moisture quite handily. In the garden or compost pile talc may absorb more moisture then might be good for the bacteria that are at work there.
The question you need to have answered is "is wet talc as effective as dry?"

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