Rockwell Bladerunner?

tracktorNovember 15, 2010

Have seen the info-mercial for the Rockwell Bladerunner. Seems versatile for light duty applications. Anyone purchase one? Any opinions?


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If it is one of those things advertised on TV, that make it look really easy to break ground, and grind up the lumps into soil that flows thru yer fingers, ready for planting----well-better do more research on how to break ground for planting!
If breaking ground was as easy as it makes ya think it is--why do real farmers have to buy heavy duty plows to till the soil for planting?
And, those things are shown digging in soil that has already been ground up before the film was made! Buyer beware--there are shysters out there, preying on the ill-informed, or the ones who want to save money!
Like old P.T.Barnum once said: "There is a sucker born every minute!"

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I think it is sorta like a scroll saw. I would like to have one, I dont know what I would use it on. I already have more junk than I need.

For some one that has little room and few tools I think would enjoy one.

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