lawn irrigation for tiny area

JimbJonesJune 2, 2014

I have very small lawn 1x8FT (its a small patch inside sidewalk), my gardener installed 4 Rain Bird MIST heads which work great, but as you can imagine within couple weeks break, because people step on them....

what would be the best way to water this small patch? I am a bit hesitant to install underground irrigation with a filter (seems too complex for this tiny spot)

thank you

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First thing that comes to mind is side strip / end strip nozzles for pop up spray bodies ...however they typically come in 4' x 10' or 5' x 15' sizes. You can dial them down, but i would doubt they would go down to only 1'. I have seen pop up bodies for micro misters, this might be your best bet. Not sure what brand or even if they are still available, head to your local distributor and ask about options. You are definitely going to want something that retracts back into the lawn.

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