best way to irrigate lawn on clay

joeschmoe80(6 (Ohio))June 24, 2013

I read you should irrigate "more deeply, less often" yet "if you put too much down your water runs off".

So I'm confused. Specifically my lawn...

Our clay doesn't absorb water that fast. I've determined in the past that if I apply an inch of water (using an oscillating sprinkler) I have to go no more than about a quarter-inch an hour max or it puddles/runs off depending on the topography of the area in question.

Can an inground system be designed for a lower flow rate like that? This way, I can get the whole inch at once without it running off.

I hate the idea of doing a quarter inch every couple days to do the inch-week required, since that is the very thing that encourages shallow, drought-susceptible roots, isn't it?

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Now that you done the research and found it all confusion. It is time to do your field work and put your investigative mind to the test. All this advice are just general rules-of-thumb but you must fine tune to your local conditions. There is nothing exact about all of this. Your observations are as good as anyone's. Place a cup out in you lawn and time running your lawn irrigation until you see runoff. measure the cups depth. Empty the cup, wait 3 hours and do the same thing. Empty the cup, wait three hours more and do the same things. Let us know what you observe. Don't let any runoff occur if you can. aloha

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