Half of my tree is dying

forerealMarch 22, 2008

Hopefully someone can help me out with my tree. Just moved into a house with some type of fruit tree in the backyard. The main trunk is about 2 feet tall, then it splits into two.

Now one side of the tree looks healthy and is now starting to flower. But the other side looks totally dead. The bark is splitting and looks dry and there is no type of flowering/green at all. Branches are very dry and can easily be snapped off.

Is there anything I can do to save this side of the tree? How is it that the trunk and one side of the tree is perfectly healthy and the other side is totally dead?

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You can't save the dying side and only time will tell if what affected it will claim the other side as well.

Trees do lose limbs from time to time, sometimes small limbs, and sometimes big ones. Unless there is an obvious disease/infestation or wound, you don't always know what the issue was. In some cases, it might be drought or root disturbance that caused the tree to decide it could not support all of its branches.

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Fledgeling_(4b SD)

Look up Verticillium Wilt, what your tree is exhibiting is a symptom of that, although many other things could also cause the symptoms you are describing. Is there sapwood discoloration?

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Yep. That part's dead and should be cut off. Just be sure to not tear the bark of the good part when removing the dead portion. Cutting most of it off first, and then making a nice clean cut when removing remaining stub is the ticket.


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