Stihl 010 AV

caseyjNovember 24, 2010

I am rebuilding my Stihl saw and I am now reassembling the magneto. I noticed that when the shaft is turned, the points have a high point which is the norm and the points should open to their adjusted size and than close until the next revolution. They don't work this way no matter how much I try to adjust them? They open on the high side to a max distance and almost close on the lower lobe. Seems backwards? Are they manufactured this way so as to preset the spark gap? Hate to send for the repair manual, but may have $$. Thanks for any help. I know this sounds confusing.

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Problem solved. The pastic insert that protects the electrical contacts protruded to far into the assembly, thus preventing the points from functioning properly. I have since removed this and assembled my own adaptation. Any questions please advise. Thank you.

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