Humming in water pipes

organic-girlJune 26, 2006

We had a Toro irrigation system professionally installed 5 years ago. The last several summers we are experiencing a loud "humming" in our water pipes when the water is on anywhere in our house. This only happens in the spring and summer, when our irrigation system has been activated. After we do a fall shut-down it disappears. This summer it is specially bad. When our irrigation company came out for our backflow test the tech told me he thinks our presure regulator was the problem, and to call a plumber. Should I call a plumber or my irrigation co? Is there anything I can do, before I spend $$$$ calling a professional. Many thanks for any help and advice you could give!

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do the valves have a flow control? when the system is making the noise, put you hand on each valve and see if you can locate the culprit. after you know which valve it is (if it is the valve), and it has a flow control, turn the flow control counter clockwise (with the valve operating). You should only need to turn it a small amount. If your on the right track, the noise should reduce as soon as you turn the handle.

I just re-read your message and it isn't clear if the noise is only when the water in the house is on or when the irrigation is on. Normally the pressure regular only feeds the house and has nothing to do with the irrigation. the irrigation can have it's own pressure regulator but they normally reduce pressure with the flow control.

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Thanks garden guy for the reply.....the humming in the pipes only occurs when water runs inside the house. When the irrigation system is running no humming occurs, I think a good place to start is our pressure regulator. Thanks again.

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Generally humming in pipes is a sign of too low of pressure. The irrigation system (assuming you're not running both at the same time) isn't the problem. I think others in your neighborhood are using water and resulting in a drop in water pressure. Observe if the humming happens in the morning (more water used by others)or in the afternoon (less water used)or anytime water is used. Make sure your irrigation isn't running at the time you're testing the house system for noise.

The pressure regulator (if that's the problem child) is generally adjustable. The pressure regulator has a diaphram (diameter varies but about 2"-4" diameter) with a nut and screw in the center. Loosen the nut then turn the screw clockwise to increase the pressure.

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Thanks for the additional advice - we are going to work on it this weekend!

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