Cordess Drill Battery Rehab

robertz6November 10, 2012

Most of my cordless drills have been Ryobi because I don't need heavy use quality. But of course the batteries only last two or three years.

Eight years ago I bought a used 12 Volt drill and one battery for ten bucks. Had very little expectations for it, worked great for five years. Last year the battery went. I paid Batteries Plus $59 to put new cells in the battery. I like the drill body for compost, and have also recently bought a 18V , which seemed excellent.

Batteries Plus said they used 'good quality' cells which would outlive the orginials. After a little more than a year, I charge the battery up, don't use it, and ten days later it only has enough energy to drill one little hole in pine.

I'm disappointed. Should I be? Thought I'd ask for other opinions before taking it back and seeing what they said.

All this time I've been trying to remember the brand name, two letters (not B&D), two shades of gray in color. Carried by HD, as I got the new 18V one there. Ahhh! Cannot remember.

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Going only from memory, but I purchased "Powerizer" batteries somewhere, may have been Battery Plus. In any case I purchased plain (yellow) covered NiCads to rebuild a 12 volt pack for a Sears drill. I did that job at least 4 years ago, maybe longer and the pack is still working. I don't use that drill often as I later purchased a 14.4V and then a 18V drill and other tool sets.

My view is you should be disappointed... as far as Ryobi batteries are concerned I believe they are not very good quality, but I get at least 3 years of moderate use out of them. The first sign of failure has been high leakage current, not bad chemistry, I believe, that is the cells would not hold a charge more than a day or two... and I suppose even if used immediately the capacity was also weak.

I would not pay $59 to have a 12v pack rebuilt, best I can recall a new one is about $29, for 12v.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Take your battery and multimeter set on 24 volts are higher and test wear battery by hooking old battery to higher voltage bring up voltage on weak battery like 12 volt tool battery take any battery combo that more 12 volts DC hook up for 5 seconds then test weak battery volt should come from beginning voltage keep re-hooking to above soar until wear comes to 12 volts this bring back memory weak battery to 12 volts stick fast into charger leave there on long charge. If voltage on wear battery want come up to max it has bad cell in pack. Some memory is lost on ever discharge and recharge. For safety wear goggles.

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My goal is to get a 18V Lithium Batt and charger to fit my 18V Nicad Makita for my low level of use. Otherwise, the basically new 18V Nicad is not worth the batt it goes through sitting (3 at least since 02). Plus, the bulky design is not practical but I can get by. The drill actually paid for itself during one job in extended damp weather (the purchased purpose). I like good power which my AC corded drills provide and my work is where AC power is available. I feel I�ll find the will use vs a need at a garage sale or Etc.. IMO it�s easy to be excessive with tools vs using what you have (hobby matters at home vs earning a living where you might not have AC).

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The brand of the drill was Porter-Cable, could not think of it.

And the price for having new cells installed in the 12V battery was $39, not $59.

I had two minutes of Internet time left, and got in a hurry. I like the Porter-Cable stuff, batteries seem better than Ryobi, without too much extra cost when you buy new. Hard to say what the quality of Roybi tools is, since its cheaper to buy a new bundle (12V first, then 14.4, then 18V), rather then get new batteries. One never tests them out for the long term.

Loger, every time I see the DeWalt 12V Lithium drill, I drool. The smallish drill fits in you hand like it was designed to be there. The tiny battery looks like a toy and improves balance. But the thing cost $160 at Sears and I don't need a $160 drill.


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The Dewalt 12V batteries are so small I wonder how long the charge will last. For the price of the DeWalt drill I can get Ryobi set (drill, saw, flashlight, detail sander) or Porter-Cable drill and saw. When on sale, I'll have 50 bucks left over. The P-C saw is worth having, the Ryobi not so much. When using the drills, the P-C battery benefits are noticeable to most users. When comparing the saws, its night and day. Useful battery life of the P-C saw seems like 3x or 4x that of the Ryobi.

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dirtdigging101(7 - NC)

theni-cad batteries can be rejuvenated go to the how to series on the net. life can be extended by 50 percent.

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The Dewalt 12V lithium drill for $160 is gone, Sears has Dewalt 20V max lithium drill for $200. It still feels great! Trouble is I'm only a 14.4 non-lithium user! No, gotta be honest, I'm only a Porter-Cable 12V (used) person.

Does a Honda Civic/Ford Focus person really need a Ferrari?

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this is funny. a friend was just tellin me how to do this to my dewalt this weekend. my 18 volt lasts about 15 mins now....

Here is a link that might be useful: Power Tool Battery

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This jerkwad is just shilling some questionable website.

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