Burning last winter's seasoned 4-6 inch Live Oak and Pecan

loger_gwNovember 6, 2010

Burning last winter's seasoned 4"-6" Live Oak and Pecan that was green last winter is below the 8" dia. wood that I will split once or more.

1. If the wood does not have checking/natural splitting cracks and does not sizzle or show signs of steam/moisture it should be seasoned enough to burn, Correct?

2. I feel it's the variety of wood vs not getting enough TX sun and heat. Plus, pecan checks very little with years.

3. I'll hope to avoid another messy chimney cleaning by burning seasoned wood or 2" on a very hot fire for coals.

4. Am I trying to get heat from wood too small when I burn the 2" green vs leaving it as brush?

Thanks for any info in advance. loger

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When the wood burns it should not show any sign of moisture escaping .
Any wood less than 6 mths old after cutting is green .

2" Green Wood has no Btu Value worth considering !

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Thanks Ewalk! I can remember the trend of others ordering two cords of oak in this area. One seasoned for the current winter and one green for the next winter.

My burning small green wood is a clean-up habit that I need to get over or save it for starter the next season. The Bottom Line! Plentiful free wood does not exist in this area since the 80s to 90s building boom unless you support some small farms/ranches that are almost gone. The Pecan is smelling and heating good without a Turkey. Thanks, loger

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Just trying to save you some further grief Bro ! Green anything is asking for problems . If you must cut 2" saplings for economic reasons , as you suggested let them season properly prior to use .

P.S. Just finished Smoking 30 pounds of Moose Link Sausage , half with Mesquite and half with Hickory.
Have a 10 lb Ham to Smoke with Hickory today and 10 lbs of Whitefish to Smoke with Cherry-Alder on Monday . My Poor NEW Neighbor is going to be giving me some strange looks lol !

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Ewalk, Are you using oak wood for the heat and the other woods for the flavor? Believe It Or Not! Some of the best BBQ in this area is flavored with green hickory (from Oklahoma). They want it as soon as it falls but only use a small amount per cooking (with gas professional rotisserie cookers). I tried it and no luck. Plus, I used their Rub to compliment the meats. They are not telling me the whole process to keep me coming back the last 25 years. LOL. My best results for BBQ/Smoking is oak for heat and 50/50 small amounts of mesquite and pecan for flavor.

Last, I have built, repaired or helped on over 100 Pits as a hobby and trying to take some of the work out of BBQing (since 1964). True BBQ requires patience and work from my experience. I basically get all the BBQ I need from close friends that I have supported by building, repairing pits, sharing wood and techniques and they provide the patience. IâÂÂm not associated with good hunters and sausage in North TX vs East TX. loger

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Loger : I actually use White / Yellow Birch for Spring and Fall heating (domestic) both as primary heat within my Garage / Shop and Secondary heating within my Residence.
In the Winter I change to Maple and Birch , occasional Oak if I have had to , as you do , from need to clean up on a blow down . Hate to use such a great Carpentry Wood for burning . As for the Smoking Ritual , I have fabricated my smoker(s) from converted (recycled) fridges. I install one or two oven elect. heating elements for heat source and smoking wood chip tray then install a flue . I have smokers at my residence and Portable for my Hunt & Fish Camps . I really started this out back in my teens on our farm where out of necessity we butchered various domestic stock and my Uncle got me into smoking meats. Lots of fun but by no means a Professional Smoker / Cooker lol .

Note: Just a thought do you not have numerous commercial or industrial jobbers locally that discard Pine or hardwood pallets that you could use for some of your wood burning needs? I have found this quite economical up North here .

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Ewalk, Good Note! I do have almost a half cord of pallet scraps (oak and pine mixed primary as starter wood). Remember I live on a 70â X 120â lot with in a 2,000 sq ft home, 4 cords of wood + pallet material, utility trailed, boat and etc in a chain-link fence and I still have the neatest backyard. That is no joke but Choking! LOL

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Loger ... Roflmbo I get the Picture !

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