Chainsaw Mask w/ or w/o Helmet?

pgtrNovember 30, 2011

I was thinking about putting a chainsaw mask on my xmas list. I normally just wear headphones. Sometimes I get a plastic face shield out of the shop but it's always very hot here and you sweat into it, plus debris and it doesn't take long to turn into a mess you can't see thru.

So I was thinking about those wire-mesh-screen type shields which come with headphones and a helmet or just w/ headphones.

Q1: How does the mesh style work (compared to a plastic shield)? I'm thinking it can be more readily handled w/ gloved hands, not going to 'smear' etc...

Q2: With or without a helmet? The helmet would seem to add weight and heat and I only seem to use the saw once or twice a year is all these days. Helmet seems like overkill - it's not like I have all the safety chaps and such.


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I use my mesh style helmet w/muffs as much when brush cutting then sawing. Yeah, you are right on about being able to handle the guard and not smearing it etc. It stays cool enough, but I'm not using it a lot in a hot environment. If you are getting down into your cutting, you may want to consider chaps. It's because I don't cut a lot anymore that I wear mine. Plus the terrain I am in doesn't hardly have a level spot on it.

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From horror stories and almost gotya's. You really can't be too safe. I like the screen, helmet kinda heavy, but if falling objects are happening again can't be too safe? I am also concerned with the saw kick back and cutting limbs down on the ground. This IMO most dangrous saw getting jerked or dipped close to your legs or feet.

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Ok, good subject here. I'm home from work due to a medical condition which doesnt allow me to drive. Meantime, my roof needs re-shingling per my home insurance. Yep, you guessed it , I staged the roof and stripped it with the help of my SIL, just like I did 25 yrs ago. Except I've gotten a little creaky. And man do I ache and cramp. The lesson has been driven home. Ive got blow downs all around me from Irene and other storms . This is where I get my wood, harvesting blow downs. I use the term blow down, instead of another name, widow maker. I've been learning as I go, the craft of cutting up a leaner without getting clobbered. I use muffs, but I wear glasses, my regulars, to see. Goggles steam up and impair vision . But a mesh mask like a fencer's. That is worth considering. Next comes kevlar. Thanks for something to Google up info on.

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I bought the mesh guard/hardhat/earmuff combo and it works fine with the chainsaw. Sometimes I wear it when cutting the grass, but not in the hot weather. I have two other pairs of earmuffs for lawn work.

My chain saw chaps I only bought after nicking my leg. Costs fifty bucks -- the emergency room visit was $800.

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I ordered my chainsaw products from Bailey's mail order store.

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Yep I just got a chainsaw and after reading about E-room visits, went ahead and purchased some safety gear. You can buy an entire kit that includes helmet\mask, chaps and glasses. See link below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Protective Gear Kit

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I was a logger before safety gear was common and I have the stiches to prove it. We got paid by the cord so speed made money. Now I just cut my fire wood and clear my own land when needed. I wear steel toe boots, chaps, kevlar gloves, hard hat/screen/ear muffs ect.. To many of the people I worked with then can't work now.

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