Drip Line: Bury or not to Bury (very long run).

chrisnsdJune 7, 2013

OK! So I need to run a Drip line to some very Drought hearty Trees and shrubs along 1,000 feet of property line. This is provide occasional deep watering to Acacias, Melalueca's, Pines and other mature trees and shrubs.

I think I'm going to go with a large drip line with inline emmiters every 18" inches or more.

Neighbors tell me that rats eat holes in drip lines here occasionally. My question is this: Should I bury these lines under a heavy layer or wood mulch? Or does this just make it really hard to find leaks when they occur and perhaps its better to run it right on top of the ground for ease of inspection and troubleshooting. What should I do?

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My $0.02 is that you need to run a buried 1" PVC line along the 1,000 ft. At each tree, place a reducer and a drip adapter to provide drip to each tree. Later on that line can be used for other means as needed in the future. I believe this is just for start up of the trees and very quickly the trees will need no watering at all. The 1" line is to minimize pressure loss along the line for that far a reach an enable you water many heads at once instead of in zones with extra piping with smaller diameters. If your line will be used for less than a year, then a PVC or HDPE line above ground with the same set up would be cheaper (no digging). Protect the drip sections with cages or bury. JMHO Aloha

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