Micro Irrigation for cinderblock beds

CaraRoseJune 5, 2013

I've been in the process of setting up a micro irrigation system for my garden. I have cinderblock raised beds, with additional plants in the cinderblock holes on the border of the bed.

All the main plants in the regular beds have a drip emitter. I was wondering what the best way to water the plants in the cinderblock holes. Should I do a drip emiter for each plant or set up a sprinkler that might cover more than one hole?

Also, I had a barbed 1/4" connector break off and a part fell into the 1/2" mainline hose. Is this piece going to cause issues? I don't know how to get it out without cutting the hose.

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You should have some kind of an end cap on your main line poly, and it would have a cap on it, or it could be ended with a figure "8". Take it off and flush your system out, the little piece may come out then.

What kind of plants do you have in the cinder block holes? I have a friend who has her beds set up like that.

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Mine has the figure 8. I'll see if it flushes out, it's pretty far down the line from the end :\

I've got a mix of things. Various herbs, onions, garlic, lots of chard (was worried they'd be too small for the chard, but they're all super happy in there right now). Also popped some alyssum and marigolds in here and there to make it look nice.

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