How to Tune-up a Craftsman Leaf Blower?

grasswhispererNovember 13, 2009

Hi all -

I've got a Craftsman 200mph gas leaf blower (I can provide model later). It's about 7 years old and has run great, despite what I've read about some Craftsman models.

It needs a tune-up however. Lately, it takes about 10 minutes to warm up. During this time, I've got to run it at 1/2 choke (If I turn the choke off before 10 minutes, it dies or struggles - even after running for several minutes.) After about 10 minutes it's cookin' and I can turn the choke off.

Only up until a few weeks ago - this baby hummed on just a few pulls - and I could turn the choke off within a few seconds. Now - I need to run with 1/2 choke on. It also seems to stutter quite a bit when I turn it off - regardless of the choke setting.

I did throw in a new spark plug - but I'm sure I need to have it tuned-up.

I'm willing to try (I happen to have two of these models, as my father-in-law just gave me his.) So I don't mind "experimenting" on the old one before tuning-up mine.

Can anyone point me to a primer (no pun intended) on tuning up these leaf blowers? I assume the carb needs to be cleaned, etc. - and I only know enough to be dangerous. Education videos on the web (youtube links, etc.) are even better...!

Thanks much!

Brad in MA

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MY guest would be a carb. starting to gum up or a vacuum leak after you have removed, cleaned, and checked gap on the spark plug. I would run some fuel aditive through it and tighten all the screws. A friend gave me one I parted it out. Blowers seem to take more power and if gas mixture not correct it will wear it out quickly. The one I parted fell to that faith, somebody didn't mix enough oil in the gas and scored the cylinder wall. I was amased by the elaborate plastic work around the engine.

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7 year old Craftsman??!!! The best tune up is in the garby can!!!

Just kidding!!!

You gap the plug?

1)Change the gas filter, might be plugged.
2)Get yourself a can of SeaFoam and follow the instruction of using and see whether it help or not.
3) take off the muffler and clean the exhaust port, you might have build up. Clean the exhaust screen on the muffler.
4) Check/replace the air filter.

If all fail, you might have to overhaul the carb OR go back to my first statment!!!!

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Here goes,take the muffler off and with your hand,see if you can wiggle the cylinder.Lot of these blowers are common about the cylinder coming loose from the crankcase,and causing a air leak.Hope this helps.


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