Can I find underground sprinkler valves using a metal detector?

palmtreeguyJune 20, 2011

Please Help! I bought a house with about an acre of land and all of it is irrigated. My problem is that I have one zone that doesn't turn off and the sprinkler people told me that they have to take a look at the valve. The problem is no one knows where it is since this was a foreclosure. And no one seems to want to search for the underground valve. One suggested using a metal detector but I need some confirmation so I can purchase and do it myself. I don't want my yard to die on me now that the hot summer months are approaching. Thanks for your time.

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Some additional info needed. The controller is located where? How many zones are hooked up in the controller? Where is the mainline shut-off in relation to the controller?
You had a sprinkler contractor out to look at the system and all he could come up with is get a metal detector? If you can't find the valve how do you turn off the zone? Do you know where all the other auto valves are? Pictures would be helpful. Is the water source from the house(hose bib)or from the mainline to the house? These questions are a start. The forum is at a disadvantage because we can't see the your lot nor walk around it. The more info the more we can help. You may have to do some probing or listening. Aloha

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A metal detector is unlikely to work because the valves are most likely to be plastic with very little metal in them. If you don't have any luck probing small low spots near the begining of the zone, it may require someone to do a wire trace for the valve.

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