Greenhouse Misting

pabloverde(Z7 Atanta GA)June 6, 2013

Hi all. I'm a long time Garden Webber but new to this forum.

I want to add a misting system to help cool my 12â x 16â greenhouse in the hot summer months. My understanding is that the finer the mist the better the cooling effect. And, the higher the water pressure, the finer the mist. In fact, most of the higher end systems have pumps that are designed to take the typical standard water pressure and kick them up to 150 psi and greater.

I currently have 150 psi available at my greenhouse. But all of individual components that I see (in line filters, manifolds, nozzles, water lines, etc) tend to be rated for much less. (35 �" 80psi, occasionally up to 120psi).

Does anybody know of a good resource where I can get some help putting this together?

Or does anyone enough experience with the two configurations. Is it worth it to maintain the higher pressure or should I just drop it down and use whatâÂÂs easily available. (Growing orchids and other tropical with a goal for getting high 90âÂÂs down to high 80âÂÂs or so).



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Site explaining three typts of systems. High, mid and low pressures.

Your pressure seems very high to me and probably needs to reduced to 80-90 psi with a high pressure system through good pressure regulator. Probably an equivalent to a house type PR. aloha

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