Stihl MS 192T Chainsaw Hard to Pull the Rope

fredmertz(NW Indiana)November 30, 2010

I bought this saw new a couple of years ago and it has always been hard to pull the starter rope. It seems like it catches and jerks. Never had a saw, mower or a blower this hard to start. I have a neighbor who has an older model and his pulls easily. Mine will start eventually and cuts and runs smooth. Any ideas?

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Remove the spark plug and try operating the Recoil and listen for any mechanical noise and other noticcable observations. Dismantle the recoil and check the prawls and friction disc are properly aligned and lubricated . Look for any pinch or binding of the assembly .

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fredmertz(NW Indiana)

Thanks ewalk, Only thing is, how do I get to the spark plug? I'm assuming the cover on the rope side must be removed . I'm curious how the rope would pull without the spark plug.

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Have not worked o the 192t have worked on the older MS200 Arborist Pruning saw. I believe it just below the carb intake boot access via the orange back cover just below the handle . I believe the exhaust and chain tensioner are on the right side of this unit and recoil on the left correct ?

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I doubt there is anytrhing wrong. The high compression is causing it to jerk. Every chanisaw I have used is like this.

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I have an 034AV Stihl that was bought new... the saw always pulled as smooth as silk runs terrific.. the saw was not used for a few years... when I did get back to the ranch and needed to use the saw it did not pull smoothly at all..seems to me to be an abnormal amount of compression however when hot it seems ok. had plug out and no noises and pulled freely.. I figure that nothing has changed physically so carbon build-up might be the culprit.. what would you recommend to put in the gas mixture to clear the carbon?..

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