Honda FG 110 stalls after warmup

tomwkendwarriorNovember 1, 2010

I have a Honda FG 110 Rototiller. This is a great little tiller. It was running great. Then after about 30 minutes started to stall. It starts up ok, runs ok and after 1/2 minute of use stalls. Sometimes when it starts to stall i can let of the throttle and keep it running although it acts like it needs fuel or has an electrical issue?

I checked the plug (repaired the plug wire that broke in my hand), air filter, fuel lines and changed the oil. After it cooled down it ran strong for a minute and then stalled again. I can start it up and run for 20 secs and then stalls again.

Any ideas what to check or what to replace?

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Might sound totally unrelated. Before you do anything, empty the old gas, run 2oz of Seafoam per gallon mix with 91 octane gas and see whether it will clear up the problem after a tankful.

I had problem with my Honda trimmer that it stalled after 15 minutes of use only and will start after cool down. Turn out the jet was blocked.

If that don't work, then continue to trouble shoot.

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Tom: Sounds like a fuel starvation issue as Yung has suggested try his advice of Carb Cleaner Treatment , I also find Lucas Top End Lube and Cleaner along with Duralube very effective if you cannot locate MMO . About 2 ounces in fresh fuel will usually resolve the gum or varnish issue within the carb circuits. Let the mixture sit about 20 minutes prior to attempting a start up . If this fails then fuel filter or complete carb dismantling and jet cleaning may be req'd.

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See my post on the FG100 with same/similar problem. Meanwhile, change the fuel filter.

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laslonimne: Perhaps you should read previous posts to OP prior to sending a redundant already advised recommendation !

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ewalk: Perhaps you should kiss my @ss. If the OP doesn't want my advice, let HIM tell me. You had him rebuilding the carb BEFORE changing the filter - great advice.

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lasonimne: If you were not such an illiterate Moron you would clearly see that fuel filter change-out (if Req'd) after fuel treatment & fuel circuit cleaner usage , was recommended. Getting rather pushy newbie , I think you had better clean and kiss your own A$$ before you advise others accordingly . It's mechanically challenged individuals like you that have people buying new carbs and other unnecessary parts when simple cleaning is required .

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Lets play nice.

Before I started this post, I read the other similar threads and did not see a solution. I thank you all for your suggestions.

From these suggestions, I found a small fuel filter on the end of a hose in the gas tank. I dumped the fuel, cleaned the filter, added some injector cleaner additive to the new fuel and the tiller runs great now.

The Honda FG 110 Rototiller is a little work horse. It did great on my 650 ft lawn prep. Anything bigger might need a wider tiller.

I realize it's November however, I now have beautiful bermuda sod installed and looking good. Ah! San Diego beach weather!

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Tom: Sorry if I offended you Bro ! I get my Irish up some times , especially after 30 + yrs of servicing numerous small engine units . I suppose I should not let Novice's get the better of me lol , Bad Me. Rusty and I get a little crusty at times , no doubt has something to do with being long in the tooth . Anyhow great to hear your up and running , your correct the Honda Power Plant is a Proven Bullet Proof Design when maintained . Just an adder per preventative maintenance for you to consider , since your out on the coast . Ensure to use Stabil during your units storage season and use a little Lucas top end lube / cleaner treatment on initial seasonal start up fuel fill .

P.S. Thanx for rubbing in the Beach Weather Dude , were experiencing Snow up North here currently lol . Welcome to the Forum and again Thanks for the follow up Note of Resolve..E !

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I HAD the same problem but now it works great! Here is what I did.
1. Poured fuel out of tank back into gas can.
2. Disconnected spark plug wire.
3. Removed air filter cover, and filter element.
4. Removed two nuts and metal plate that hold filter housing with hose to valve cover.
5. Removed fuel line and fuel return line from carburetor (make note of which is which).
6. Remove throttle cable from carburetor
7. Remove carburetor, place paper towel in manifold to keep dirt out
8. Gentle pried the grommet that holds fuel lines out of gas tank, place paper towel in hole.
9. Removed spark plug, place paper towel in hole.
This is all of the disassembly.

1. Small crack in primer bulb
2. Fuel line (outside tank) slightly kinked
3. Return line (outside tank) had small hole near tank
4. Fuel line (inside tank) badly cracked and probably main cause of problem.
5. Spark plug slightly fouled.
6. Varnish in carburetor.
7. O-ring for carburetor cracked

The Fix
1. To hardware store, purchased fuel line repair kit (most good hardware stores or small engine repair shops will have this), O-ring, and carburetor cleaner spray
2. Called a number of mower shops to find the same spark plug (this one is rare and hard to find)
3. Remove and replace fuel line and filter (inside tank) with parts from kit (cut tubing to length, make sure new filter fits through hole in tank, if not back feed tubing through filling neck and out grommet hole)
4. Remove and replace fuel line (outside tank), cut tubing slightly shorter than original (IâÂÂll explain later).
5. Remove and replace fuel return line (cut to original length)
6. Remove and replace primer bulb (from kit)
7. Spray carburetor with cleaning fluid (wear safety glasses, spray both orifices, into tube connectors, and jet port until clean, let it air dry)
8. Install new spark plug (do not attach plug wire at this time)
9. Gently but forcibly push grommet with fuel lines back into gas tank hole.

  1. Reattach throttle cable to carburetor.
  2. Replace O-ring.
  3. Install carburetor onto bolts
  4. Install fuel line and return line to carburetor (DO NOT place fuel line under retaining clip. I believe that this routing causes a fatal kink in fuel line. Rather have the line bow toward the clip).
  5. Install filter housing, with metal plate and two nuts, replace hose the valve cover.
  6. Clean, lubricate, and install air filter.
  7. Install air filter cover.
  8. Attach spark plug wire
  9. Add fuel.
  10. Start and let idle a few minutes to clear carburetor fluid.
    My machine is working better than ever with no stalls. I was able to run it for a full hour tilling my whole garden without stoping. I hope this works for you.
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