Rainbird Sprinkler Valve Won't Close

jmtalarek(z6 Michigan)June 3, 2005

I've done more research one my problem. It looks like a valve controlling on of my six zones won't close. It stay's open spraying water. I can manually advance thru the other zones, but this one will continue to stay open. I don't believe it's the controler. I've reset my controller. I've even disconnected the wire at the controller for the bad zone and the water still sprays. This makes me think it's mechanical in the valve; not electrical in the controller? Do I unscrew the value head and see if there is a damaged diaphragm? Maybe freeze damage from not being winterized properly? Any ideas? thanks,

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eltigre(z5 KS)

Yep, sounds like a mechaincal failure. Does your valve have a flushing cap you can remove and flsuh out some of the debris if present? (my toro's do). Else you will have to unscrew the top and check the seals, ect. They sell replacement seals, solenoids, ect so that you will not have to replace the entire valve. Freezing can do it; most likely debris in the line... either stuck in there or damaged the seal on the way "through".

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